In 1994 Lifestar introduced the worlds first live plant-cell grown vitamin C complex.

  • Cell-grown vitamin C (not as ascorbic acid), with 16 active organic, non-denatured bioflavonoids, natural polyphenols and two ascorbates.
  • Take as needed in conjunction with other supplements.
  • 90 and 180 Tablet Bottles.

Human bodies cannot manufacture vitamin C as most animals do. We are dependent upon getting it in our diet. Vitamin C plays a vast and significant role in our health. It enhances immunity, protects against the harmful effects of pollution, maintains collagen in the formation of connective tissue in skin, ligaments and bones, and it effects arterial walls, capillaries, and the healing of wounds. It is a powerful antioxidant, active in the formation of red blood cells and the production of interferon and anti-stress hormones, effecting the body’s ability to withstand stress, resist infections, and support the body's natural defenses. It also reduces the effects of some allergy-producing substances, and plays a significant role in adrenal gland function and healthy gums. Vitamin C is also involved in the body’s absorption, assimilation, and metabolism of other vitamins and nutrients. Stress, alcohol, smoking, analgesics, oral contraceptives, antidepressants, and steroids may all deplete the body’s levels of vitamin C in a short time.

Until recently, the only raw material available for the production of vitamin C supplements was USP-grade ascorbic acid synthesized from inexpensive sources of glucose, such as corn oil or sago palm with free-form vitamin molecules and no food attachments. Lifestar Vitamin C-500 is in in the form of an exceptional plant-cell-grown complex maximizing absorption into the blood and for the identification and effective utilization of nutrients at the appropriate receptor sites on the surface of the target cells in the body. What this means is that your body gets more of what you take.

Vitamin C-500 is an especially valuable resource for those who are living stressful lives or who are utilizing substances with a depleting effect. It is particularly valuable as additional protection during those months of the year when you are around people with colds and the flu. Vitamin C is necessary for maximum health, and Vitamin C-500 is a powerful ally in anyone’s body who is not consuming sufficient quantities of vitamin-C rich fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.


At Lifestar we believe that nature’s inherent wisdom in the way it creates nutrients in the food chain cannot be surpassed by man’s best efforts to engineer something superior. Up until recently, human beings have been evolving on food and not man-made chemicals. In spite of the best efforts of the health food community, most supplements on the market including the best selling vitamin in the world, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), are isolated free-form chemicals and unlike anything found in the food chain.

In 1994 we introduced the world’s first plant-cell-grown vitamin and mineral supplements, life-like supplements that were created consistent with nature’s wise design following principles dictated by nature. And in their naturalness, they reveal their effectiveness.

As an example; in 1997 a study done by one of the world’s leading authorities on antioxidant phenols revealed some of the distinct advantages of the plant-cell-grown nutrient material used in Lifestar’s Vitamin C. The study was based on phenol analysis. Phenols, or as they are more commonly called “polyphenols”, are a group of chemical substances found in all plants, citrus fruits and trees. Found in polyphenols are a class of biologically active compounds called flavonoids which in turn have small compounds called “oligomeric proanthocyanidins”, usually referred to more simply as OPC’s. They have been shown to be some of the strongest antioxidants found to date and have powerful anticancer properties as well.

The study compared four products for total phenols and, with the exception of ascorbic acid, were measured after hydrolysis with methanolic hydrochloric acid. The products were a pine bark extract, The "X" company (name deleted on damand from the company) vitamin C, ascorbic acid and the plant-cell-grown nutrient material used in Lifestar® Vitamin C. The X Company form of vitamin C is used in three brand name products and one well known multilevel company. The IC50 test is a concentration of antioxidant phenols in the products or a concentration of ascorbic acid to inhibit the oxidation of low density lipoproteins with cupric ion for 6 hours. 1/IC50 was calculated to allow for comparison; the higher the 1/IC50 the more powerful the antioxidant. Thus, the Lifestar Vitamin C nutrient material contained 11.1 times stronger antioxidants than ascorbic acid alone, 7.6 times stronger than The X Company’s vitamin C, and 4.3 times stronger than an expensive well known pine tree bark extract from France.

"...During the 5 years that I owned my health food store, customers continued to come back for the Lifestar supplements because they felt better overall and their digestive system tolerated them better than well known brands. They noticed that they were also healthier than their friends and the people they worked with."

J.C. San Francisco, CA

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