“The Universe is run on energy.

All there is are energies interacting.

It is the quality of the energy
that determines the quality of experience,
and if you want to transform the quality of your experience,
transform the quality of the energy being brought to the experience.

War is nothing more than rigid, obstinate energy.

It can occur between two people or between
nations unwilling to flow appropriately.

Harmony is energy conscious of what is needed.

Conscious energy does not waste itself...

There cannot be anything wasted when Conscious Energy finds itself as all that is, as everything that is in relationship.  

Conscious Energy reveals itself what it really is and what that really means by remembering what Love is. 

Unwasted Conscious Energy is Love and only Love. 

Manifested in the world it transforms the world into what has never been before in your mind, and into what it has always been in your heart. 

It is that which you have always been looking for and never found where you have always looked, as all others have always looked. 

The time of wasting oneself is over. 

Look into the peacefulness of your heart with all others, and the treasure you seek will reveal itself. 

It is the true you in perfect Love. 

You will be all you can be for evermore. 

… Always giving away what you endlessly receive”.  



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Lifestar ...the art of healing 11/02/2021