The Bottom Line

There are many studies and much scientific evidence documenting the essential role nutrition plays in human and animal health. The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation in San Diego, California, has vast scientific documentation on the decline of health related to diet for decades. In Dr. Weston Price's book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he compares the health of people around the world, from the isolated valleys of Switzerland to the Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maori, South Sea Islanders, Africans, Peruvians, Eskimos, Indians, and others, finding consistently that people eating native diets had none of the dental caries, deformities and diseases that are evident and have become normal among people eating modern diets. Neither did they suffer from antisocial behavior or mental deficiencies as are commonly found among so called civilized people.

Dr. Weston Price Studies

Dr. Price noted that after correcting the deficiencies of children raised on modern diets that two of the children's teachers came to him asking what he had done that made such a change in the children. One child in particular went from being one of the poorest students in the class, unable to learn, to being one of the best and brightest students.

Dr. Price observed the extraordinary absence of prisons and asylums in so-called primitive societies throughout the world, sufficiently isolated as to allow these people to maintain their natural diets. When they assumed civilized diets, they inevitably demonstrated all the symptoms of disturbance and dis-ease as civilized societies do.

Dr. Gabriel Cousins

Dr. Gabriel Cousens notes in his inspiring book, Spiritual Nutrition and The Rainbow Diet, that researchers report improvement in juvenile behavior when young people with histories of getting into trouble are put on diets designed to cure the symptoms of hypoglycemia, a condition attributed almost exclusively to dietary causes and stress. One study reported by Dr. Cousens indicates that more than 80% of juveniles on probation included in that study tested positive for hypoglycemia, and when their diets changed to correct the hypoglycemic effects of their diet, their behavior improved dramatically.

Secrets Of The Soil

In a study reported by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird in Secrets of the Soil, they found that rats, fed a grain, vegetable, fruit, unpasteurized goat milk and butter diet fashioned after the Hunza diet, were the healthiest animals ever raised in the subject laboratory. The rats enjoyed rapid growth, suffered no disease or illness, "mated with enthusiasm," and gave birth to healthy offspring. When autopsies were performed, their organs were perfectly healthy. These rats were "gentle, affectionate and playful" their entire lifetimes.

Rats fed "civilized" diets were vulnerable to the same diseases of civilized people, and they demonstrated the same aggressive and hostile behavior as is commonly found in so-called civilized societies. Tompkins and Bird report that the rats became so vicious that they had to be separated to keep them from tearing each other apart. The results of the autopsies performed on these animals filled an entire page. There was barely a part of their bodies that did not show symptoms of affliction. Their skin, hair, blood and ovaries (in females), as well as their respiratory, urinary, digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems, all showed signs of affliction.

Molly Stone's Market in San Rafael, California makes the difference in nutrition between commercially grown and organically grown produce a selling point, noting that 5 times the calcium, 18 times the magnesium, 3 times the potassium and 2,000 times the iron is the difference between an organic tomato and a commercially grown tomato. Organic produce really is healthier. A recent study by Rutgers University shows that organically grown fruits and vegetables contain two to three times as many minerals as commercially grown ones.

Studies and empirical evidence strongly suggest an error in the time-honored civilized presumptions that have reduced life for so many to a journey of ills. A great deal of effort has gone into clouding the issues surrounding the quality of food and nutrition. But the bottom line is that technology in agriculture has not equated to advanced well being. In fact, evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the farther we go from nature's inherent integrity and wholistic design, the more problems we have. It might be said that the refining, processing and chemical-synthesizing of food and nutrients, along with the destruction of our soil and the toxic pollution of our environment, has deprived the average person of decades of their lifespan.

Of course, we have no studies to prove this. We have only the empirical evidence of isolated examples of people who have lived long, healthy lives averaging beyond 100 years and stand as magnificent examples of what is possible if only we will notice. Certainly we are free to learn from them and can we afford not to?

In the meantime, the only nutrients used to fortify pasteurized milk products, bleached flour, and virtually all fortified breakfast cereal products are mostly synthesized. That is the only nutrient material used for baby formulas and baby food supplementation.

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