Q: Lifestar brand supplements are formulated differently. Can you tell us a little about how the formulations are done?

A: Our supplements are formulated using an aspect of what we call bioenergetic testing. Bioenergetic testing is the ability to relate with and utilize an energy field that permeates and surrounds living organisms. We have noticed that naturally developed entities such as plants, animals and human beings have this field and it has several layers. The specific field that we interact with in our formulation testing is the closest field to the object and pulses at about 60 beats per minute. The field extends out from the nutrient material we use to a distance of four to six inches.

When nature grows something, let’s say a plant, the constituents that make up the plant are in a state of energy congruency or balance, like music as compared to noise. Given the availability of resources and building materials, these constituents will be perfectly balanced with no single constituent dominating the rest. There are no leftovers or extra parts not being used and everything is there for a reason whether we perceive and interpret that reason accurately or not. This congruency or balance is what we call synergy. This can only be obtained by growing, by following a natural process that is dictated by natural laws and not any techniques developed by human beings. Intervention by human beings interferes with the perfection of natural laws, and our interpretation that we can improve on what nature provides is an illusion. We can support nature’s wise design but we cannot improve it, as we are also a component of that design and not its master.

When we develop our products we use the energy field and its interaction with the human body to determine what nutrients go into the formula and how much of them should be there. This allows the nutrients in the formula to be in balance or harmony with each other establishing a relationship that can not be achieved by using the intellect or educational presumptions.

In testing other products, we have never found a congruent energy field emanating from the product. Our interpretation is that the energy field is necessary for synergy and may also be more necessary than the nutrients themselves. Our products have a congruent energy field and we demonstrate this by the use of Kirlian photography, which shows the existence of the field, and its congruence and strength. This same type of congruent energy is present in fresh raw food and is totally absent after the food is cooked. The absence of the energy field seem to be consistant with the absence of the naturally occuring enzymes.

Q: How are regular supplements formulated?

A: Almost all other supplements are formulated by guessing people's needs based on "scientific studies" or developing an impressive label for those who believe that "more" is better. Virtually all of the published scientific studies that deal with vitamin or mineral necessities have been done on isolated vitamin and minerals which are mostly manufactured worldwide by 14 large chemical companies and are referred to as USP or FCC nutrient material. From company to company their products are essentially identical. Isolated vitamins and minerals do not occur in the food chain, but are created in relationship to many other food constituents. In the food chain vitamins are always molecularly bound to proteins for instance. The protein attachment appears to be the transport vehicle for vitamins in living systems, as there are no cell receptor sites on the surface of the cell for the vitamin. There are receptor sites for the carrier proteins however. This accounts for the low bioavailability or utilization of these types of vitamins or minerals in the human body. They are not food and the body is made out of what we eat and drink and our state of health, to a large measure, is dependent on the quality of the raw materials we ingest.

We utilize natural principles to grow our nutrient material and to formulate it into supplements. We do not formulate our products using the intellect or someone's "expert" opinion about how to formulate a product. The results are formulas that, in some cases, don't make sense when compared to other company's products. We don't use advertising rhetoric to attract customers. We rely on people's intuition or their experience of the products as compared to other products they may have used. Our business has grown over the years based on people sharing their experience and not on people trying to make a sale. This is why we don't employ sales people. When authentic products are available to those who seek such products, they will be found. This holds true for any authentically natural product. We believe that following the laws of nature leads people to what they are truly seeking. Following the laws of man doesn't seem to work very well. We think it's time for a change.

Q: How are Lifestar Vitamins and Minerals grown?

A: Individual USP/FCC vitamins or inorganic mineral salts (the type sold by most supplement companies) are put into a fermentation tank with a proprietary liquid preparation containing certain specific organic food constituents. This is then combined with organic plant-derived non-denatured carbohydrate and protein to form a rich nutritional media. This media is then fed to a benevolent yeast (Organic Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This yeast is considered the mother yeast for fermentation and is what nature naturally provides for fermenting wine, beer and baking bread. It has been used for over 5000 years by diverse cultures around the globe as a source of nutrition, and more recently because of its naturally occurring protein and B-complex vitamins. After a period of growth, the yeast is inactivated by a combination of low heat and proteolytic enzymes. This means that the individual yeast cells, which now contain the vitamin or mineral fed to them along with all of the starting plant nutrients, are no longer alive. They have been partially disassembled and are incapable of reproducing. It is then dried at low heat and analyzed for several parameters, including appropriate microbiological testing. In the final form of a dry nutrient powder, the product is blended with other specific grown vitamin or mineral powders to create a supplement formula as determined by Bioenergetic testing.

Q: Aren't yeasts harmful?

A: There are several hundred distinct strains of yeast known to science. Some are pathogenic and some are beneficial. It is the same for plants, whereby some are harmful and some are not. While we avoid eating the harmful ones, we don’t avoid eating the beneficial ones. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is considered a beneficial yeast.

Q: What about people who are allergic to yeast or have Candida Albicans yeast problems?I

A: It appears that our formulas are somewhat antagonistic towards Candida Albacans in the body. In the past 20 plus years, we have come across a number of people who had advanced chemical sensitivities and Candida Albicans yeast, who noticed some reactions from taking our products at the normal recommended dosages. It appeared to us that there was an initial Candida die-off and the dosages had to be reduced to about one fourth normal and gradually increased over a period of one to three months after which these people were doing fine.

Q: What about people who are allergic to yeast or have Candida Albicans yeast problems?

A: Rarely, some people experience mild bloating soon after taking our products. There appears to be some disruption of the unfriendly bacteria in the intestine. We have found that increasing the levels of friendly bacteria using a good probiotic will generally eliminate this problem quickly. Continued use of our products gradually helps suppress the unfriendly bacteria to the point where there is a more natural balance. This solution takes a little longer when compared to taking a viable probiotic.

Q: What are the main differences in health people notice when switching to your supplements?

A: Consistantly, people report the most obvious is the dramatic reduction or elimination of annual colds or flu’s. They are either completely eliminated or last a much shorter time.

Q: Are there any other nutrients besides vitamins or minerals in your products?

A: There are numerous other nutrients that have been documented. The fermentation process can actually increase the potency of some of the nutrients that occur naturally in the food constituents used to produce our finished products. It has been discovered in our vitamin C, for instance, that the antioxidant activity of the bioflavonoids and vitamin C after fermentation increases by 610% over the activity prior to fermentation. This was also discovered in soy by a team of scientists in Japan in 1996 which found that of the fermented soy products, Natto (a fermented form of soaked and cooked whole soybeans) had been reported as having the highest known Genistein content. Genistein is a natural isoflavone which exhibits antioxidant and phytoestrogenic activity and is suspected of having an effect on breast, colon and prostate cancers. The Genistein level in our vitamin C averages 374% higher than that found in Japanese Natto. In a 1997 study done at an eastern university, our vitamin C was also found to have more than eleven (11) times more total antioxidant strength relative to ascorbic acid, while a well known antioxidant pine bark extract from France, was found to have only 2.57 times. Another well known “grown” form of vitamin C on the market was measured at 1.45 times. Also, the total antioxidant phenol levels of the pine bark extract from France were found to be 1367 mcg’s per gram, and our vitamin C was found to be 1255 mg's. Vitamin C as ascorbic acid was zero.

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Q: What is meant by Bioenergetic testing?

A: Bioenergetic testing is the term we use to describe the technique we have developed to determine what should go into a specific formula and how much of it to use. Traditional formulation techniques rely on determinations made by scientists/chemists as to what a human being may need in the way of vitamin or mineral supplementation. It is a commonly held belief by most health experts, that most government estimates of the minimum daily requirements for vitamins and minerals are low and in some cases so low as to be unrealistic. Health is not a subject taught in medical schools in the United States. Disease is the main focus, and the management of disease by the use of man-made chemicals (drugs) is the chosen modality.

Q: Could you explain a little more about Bioenergetic testing?

A: At Lifestar we have developed the ability to interact with the energy fields that surround living systems. We have discovered that this energy field reacts or responds to activity near or within the body itself and can accurately feedback information as to whether a substance is beneficial or harmful to the body. Substances that the body wants or needs contribute to a stronger and larger field, while substances that are harmful in some way have the opposite effect. It has been noted in scientific studies around the world that “dis-ease” as we know it shows up in the energy field before it manifests physically. Healing also reveals itself in the same way. Bioenergetic testing is not a form of Applied Kinesiology, also known as “muscle testing.”

Q: Why use Bioenergetic Testing?

A: Using Bioenergetic testing to create a formula produces a truly synergistic product with a congruent energy field consistent with that of a living organism. We think this produces a more natural product. We have found that to add, remove, or change the amount of the nutrients in our formulas collapses the energy field. We believe the energy field to be important enough to not interfere with this revelation of nature.

Q: Why do many of Lifestar’s products have lower potencies than some other products on the market?

A:The plant-cell-grown nutrients we use are many times more effective than the traditional vitamins and minerals used in other products. A large body of bioavailable/utilization studies of various vitamins and minerals reveals that, on average, as much as 95% or more of traditional vitamins and minerals are not used by the body and the ones that are used are not as effective because of their unnatural state. This same group of studies also showed that the closer the product is to being authentically natural, the more effective it is. Our nutrients are in the most natural form available. They are grown according to principles of nature and not the dictates of chemists. Over the years, the consistent effectiveness of the products, as compared with taking alternative products, has spoken for itself. Most of us know intuitively that to consume something in a natural state is healthier than to consume something man-made. Also, the amounts of nutrients we have in our formulas are dictated by the Bioenergetic testing we use to determine what should go in it and how much. Our Bioenergetic testing is different than Applied Kinesiological testing (muscle testing).

Q: Is it true that some vitamins and minerals are actually harmful in higher dosages?

A: Yes, however the degree to which a vitamin or mineral can be harmful is greatly influenced by the form in which it occurs. Vitamins, minerals and the numerous other constituents in their natural forms from within a living organism are processed by the human body differently than the non-grown type of vitamins and minerals typically sold. The different vitamins or minerals that have demonstrated some degree of toxicity reveal that in much higher amounts than what may be found grown vitamins and minerals.  In something found in nature the toxicity may not even exist.

Q: What about Vitamin Toxicity?

A: Synthetic vitamin D (almost all vitamin D on the market) is known to enhance lead absorption. Other scientific studies have demonstrated an increased absorption of inorganic nickel, strontium and cadmium, all of which can be very toxic. According to the respected investigator, Judith DeCava, MS, LNC, “a study of rats some time ago showed that a large overdosage of synthetic vitamin D, an amount just below the amount which would produce toxic symptoms in the first and second animal generations given over a long period of time, produced 'striking pathological changes' -- disease -- in the third and fourth generations. There has been about two generations of humans who have been subjected to synthetic vitamin D 'fortification' in foods widely used in the U.S.” This can be particularly alarming, since she also reports that the New England Journal of Medicine found “that the amount of synthetic vitamin D listed on the containers of milk was very frequently nowhere near the amount actually found in milk samples. An analysis of the dairy’s vitamin D fortified milk showed concentrations of vitamin D-3 ranged from undetectable to as high as 232,565 IU’s per quart - when it should have been 400 IU’s per quart. When scientists recently evaluated 779 milk samples from ten states, they found that 80% contained 20% more or 20% less vitamin D than the labels claimed. One sample contained 914% more”. Substantial variations of this kind can contribute to threatening overdoses or deficiencies states.

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"The Real Truth About Vitamins & Minerals" ...the book

This is but one example of many. A good book on this subject is, The Real Truth About Vitamins And Antioxidants, by Judith A DeCava MS, LNC, published by Brentwood Academic Press, 4000 Beallwood Ave., Columbus, Georgia, 31904.

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