What Causes Disease?

Contrary to commonly held beliefs, disease is not caused by anything. It is not caused by a “what”, or anything else that can be thought of.

For most people it may sound like a ridiculous statement. It is a ridiculous statement coming from the point of view of cause and effect. But, what if the “cause and effect” point of view about disease is incorrect. What if it is an error in perception, along with the subsequent conclusions (beliefs) based on that error? In other words, what if the cause of disease is based on the same kind of thinking as thinking the world is flat? Or that man will never drive an automobile faster than a horse can run. Or that man will never run a mile in four minutes or less or that a "black" man could never become President of the United States.  These were leading “facts” of their days, and today they seem like very limited points of view. So, what if today’s ideas about the causes of disease are also based on very limited points of view?

Can we say that modern medical technology has made much difference with “curing” disease or eliminating the “causes” of disease? When we look at the big picture it seems that never in recorded history has there been so many different kinds of disease, and it’s growing, not receding. Indeed, there are more people suffering from the broadest array of maladies and almost, without exception (beliefs) the “causes” are not known. With over 100 billion dollars spent world wide on cancer research over the past 40 years has there been any progress made?  The bad news is NO, but the good news is, there are more and better theories to pursue. And most of them will of course, require more research money and donations from a naive culture that has been lead to believe that a “cure” is just around the corner.  It begs us to ask at least one significant question. Can the pharmaceutical companies afford for people to be healthy, or do they depend on the proliferation of “disease”? Can our present form of medical practice afford for people to be healthy? In fact, how many industries depend on people being sick? How many people receive paychecks because of the prevalent point of view about disease?

So lets look at another point of view about disease. Lets look in an entirely different direction. Lets look in the direction that accounts for spontaneous remission and healing.  Lets look at the human body and it’s inherent ability to be healthy, not diseased. Does your body even know how to be sick or diseased in any way?

Your body began as a single cell. That single cell knew how to create an entire body in all directions at the same time. In fact, none of the major organs of the body physically existed when this creative process began. And if you ask any woman who has given birth to a baby, her conclusion will be that she didn’t have much to do about the creative process that produced her baby. She was more the messenger than the message.

If we look a little closer at the process we call life, we will notice that life is a continuum and not a process with a beginning or an end. There are a lot of points of view about just when life begins after or during conception and the truth is it didn’t begin, it continues to continue. It is agreed upon that a live sperm combines with a live egg (ovum) and then a cellular division occurs and then another and so on. With human's, if the process is not interfered with, about nine months later a baby is born. Another truth is, life cannot be traced back to a beginning. Life is as it is, continuous and manifesting in different forms always, never beginning or ending and it has no opposite. Death is not the opposite of life, it is just an end to life utilizing the form we call a body. The conclusion (interpretation) based on our perception is that it marks an end to life.  This has been taught to us and our lingering experience is that there is something else to it, and we can’t quite put our finger on it, so we go along with the conclusion were taught to accept. It becomes another belief system. When you add them up, all our belief systems become our personal reality and rarely are we able to identify them or even question their influence on our very existence.

What causes starvation? The lack of food, not the presence of “malnutrition”. Malnutrition is a concept, thus lacks existence.

What causes dehydration? The lack of water, not the presence of “thirst”. Thirst is a concept, thus lacks existence.

What causes disease? The lack of health, not the presence of some “thing” that causes disease. Disease is a concept, thus lacks existence.

In medical science there is yet to be found anything in existence that “knows” how to cause disease in a human being. However there is an ample amount of blame going around to support a thriving pharmaceutical industry. If "this" caused "that", what caused "this" to cause "that"? It goes on. If "that" caused "this" to cause "that, then what caused "that" to cause "this" to cause "that". As you can see the causation has to go back through infinity which has no beginning. So the question remaining is "what caused the first cause"? It remains a concept of the human mind and concepts lack existence. We imagine it to be so, and as a result we believe it to be so and go along with the belief. We are confronted with the fact that the human mind cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined. If it could, we wouldn't enjoy television or the movies so much and it doesn't stop with television or the movies.

The symptom manifests by the “lack of”, and not the “presence of”. Simply put, not being in a natural state of health as compared to being in a conceptual state of disease.

Health is sanctity of the human body. In this context you might say love and health are synonymous. It exists naturally as a result of allowing the body to be healthy by letting go of the different ways we interfere with the body’s natural state of existence. We interfere with the natural ways of the body by introducing substitutions of nature into the mind and body. This can include food by-products and food substitutes that include man-made chemicals, non-life affirming ways of thinking (thinking in error), our beliefs about health, as well as just about everything else.

Nature and God being the same, it could be said that our major problems as human beings (creations of nature) come about as a result of un-Godly thinking and behavior. In other words, various disassociations from our true nature (consciousness). These come in the forms of addictions to what we think about, are attracted to and how we behave. This lack of self-respect may also be our most formidable challenge in discovering what it ultimately means to be a human being.

So much is possible in this process of discovery and we have no further to look than inside ourselves and observe our very process of thinking. What type of thoughts are you attracted to and how often or how long do you hold on to them? If you go into and stay in observation of the thinking process you may notice that you are not the source of thinking, you are the receiver of the thoughts. If you were the source of thoughts you would not be able to observe the process independent of what you think or believe is a thinking process. It's similar to watching television. The television is not the source of the content you are watching and listening to, it is the presenter of the content. The content is produced by collaboration of people using various technological tools to send to you by a variety of methods the content, which is invented, compiled and packaged prior to your reception of it. Then, through your imagination, you play with it using your emotions and thoughts and deciding whether you like it or not and to what degree.

Now ask yourself, who is the observer in the process of observing thoughts? The observer is free of value judgements, opinions, positions, points of view, beliefs, thoughts or any other perceived need. The "observer" may be described as You as Spirit, pure Consciousness, Self, Source and so on. Another way is to say it is consciousness (Life/Spirit/Source) merging with matter (form/physicalness) and while associating with form/physicalness, disassociating from Life/Spirit/Source. It's almost like forgetting who you really are and identifying with who you think you are.

Restoration as an opportunity

The question then becomes how deep does one want to go to discover the presence of ones divinity. This process has been ongoing for a lifetime and now may be the time to discover not only who you are… but also who you are becoming…

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