Only "growing" produces a result consistent with the complexity and wisdom of nature's design. Photographed by the founder of Lifestar in 1991, here for the first time Kirlian photo technology captures the aura of the electrical conductive "life force" in individual supplement tablets, revealing the distinct differences between three separate brands.

Kirlian photography is a photographic technique where the light from the energy field of an object is captured directly on film emulsion revealing the objects energy field/electrical conduction properties. The more "alive" the object is the more capable it can conduct its energy, and the more "dead" it is the less capability it has. The field also reveals the congruency or "how well balanced" the energy field is.

One tablet of one of the largest selling "Natural" Multivitamins (USP) in the world
One tablet of our Lifestar MultiPlex Multivitamin/Mineral Living Food Concentrate
One tablet of a top selling "Chelated" Multivitamin in a Whole Food Concentrate
Interestingly, the first two tablets would not show up on the film unless a tablet of the Multplex was placed near them, and even then they would not hold the energy when the Multiplex was taken away.


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