Lifestar vitamin and mineral supplements and our other nutritional products are formulated to make a difference. You define what that means. If you follow the recommended instructions and are not satisfied within 30 days of use, your purchase price will be refunded less any applicable shipping and handling. Simply call to let us know your intention and return the unused portion of the product to us in its original container following the instruction on the Order Form. Our Living Food Concentrates are also guaranteed to out-test any other vitamin or vitamin/mineral supplement in the world using any of the following energy testing techniques: Interro, Vega, Voll or any form of Applied Kinesiology.... Or your money back. The same guarantee applies if you purchased the product through a health professional or other retail seller.

Bringing the body to a state of well being from a compromised condition is a process. A toxic or malfunctioning body must first be allowed to cleanse, damaged cells must be recreated, deficiencies repaired, and the sources of ill health manifesting as symptoms must be corrected before well being can fully express itself. Symptoms are the body's call for help, advising that something needs attention. To countermand that cry for help with drugs or procedures that prevent the body from corrective measures does not cure the causes of symptoms. It merely masks them. Such measures will ultimately take their toll.

Since most people are in a compromised state, it is easy to misinterpret what the body is doing as it goes through the process of coming into balance. Often people interpret healing or cleansing reactions as an allergic reaction and reject a product just when it may be doing the most good.


Our products work with the body's systems to provide resources that support the body in restoring health. In this process, the body will generally clean out and correct what needs attention in a manner that most people experience as an increase in well being. Occasionally, some people experience certain indicators that a deeper cleansing or adjustment is occurring. We wish to emphasize that detoxification and cleansing are serious endeavors that are better taken slowly. If you exhibit an uncomfortable increase in such symptoms, cut back your dosages until you are comfortable. It is much kinder to take longer to get the results you desire and to enjoy the process to health. Kindness establishes a foundation upon which healthful practices can be developed.

The more ill one is, the more margin there is to experience well being, but even if you already enjoy good health or have minor problems, using these products should increase your sense of well being, too. The only qualification we make, is that one cannot eat junk food, take abusive substances, or engage in damaging practices and thoughts and expect a product to overcome such assaults. One can expect these products to support people who are willing to make a commitment to their health and do what is consistent with achieving that.

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