Aura Imaging Photography makes it possible to display in color, a computer sensor generated interpretation of one form of energy field that exists around the body. Usually this energy field is referred to as electromagnetic. The left hand of the subject was placed on a hand shaped grid of acupuncture sensors corresponding to some of the known acupuncture points on the hand.

Taken in 1991, depicted here are changes in the energy field around the body of a test subject while holding a different single tablet of a vitamin/mineral supplement in his right hand. Numerous studies have shown that anything that is stressful or harmful to the body affects the energy field around the body. Whether something is beneficial or lacking may also be discovered. This phenomenon can also be seen in Kirlian photography shown elsewhere in this site. The beneficial or harmful influence of anything can also be determined by accurately performed Kinesiological testing also mentioned elsewhere in this site.

Here you can clearly see the subtle changes in the energy fields. A symmetric or balanced field is interpreted as being more positive than an unbalanced field. Unbalanced fields are usually associated with anything that stresses the body by imposition of it's negative influence. The reverse is usually true. Anything that has a positive influence on the body will help balance the energy field. These photographs taken at approximately 4 to 5 minute intervals are shown left to right in the same sequence in which they were taken.

This photo was taken with no vitamin supplement tablet being held in the right hand and represents the control photo. Notice the general symmetry and balance of the aura.
This photo was taken while holding one tablet of a top selling high potency "natural" store bought multiple vitamin/mineral "grown" whole food concentrate in the right hand. Notice the loss of symmetry and balance in the aura.
This photo was taken using one tablet of Lifestar cell-grown MultiPlex multiple vitamin/mineral complex being held in the right hand. Notice the restoration of the general symmetry of the aura and two lobes that appear in the aura at the same level of the frontal lobes of the brain.
This photo was taken using one tablet of Lifestar's cell-grown Living Food Concentrate MultiPlex for Men held in the right hand. Notice the general symmetry of the aura and the shift in the colors which traditionally represent associations with spirituality and healing.
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